Despite looking so adorable, our rabbits are not easy pets to care for! A sensible adult should never consider getting them as casual gift for others. And here’s the reasons why:
1. Rabbits are not starter pets and they can be more complicated to care for than a hamster, cat or even a dog!
2. 1 bowl of pellets is just not the right diet for a rabbit! You need to give them a balanced supply of fresh hay, vegetables and limited pellets to help keep them healthy.
3. Their intricate health is not well known to most vets and requires specially-trained ‘exotic’ vets to give them the right medical care! Special can also means expensive!
4. Rabbits should never be ‘conveniently’ locked in a cage as they need lots of human interaction and space to stay active and happy.
5. A good owner is very attentive and sensitive to their rabbit’s need. A very busy adult or a playful child will never be able to give them the right care.
6. Most rabbits are not cuddly and will never sleep on the bed with you! Be thankful when they don’t pee on your favorite pillow!
7. Rabbits may not require walks but they can be harder to please than a dog! They are highly curious, active, stubborn and super intelligent and they truly need a patient and observant caregiver to know exactly what they want.
8. Rabbits can live up to 10 years and can have senior ailments such as arthritis, cataracts and incontinence. A sickly senior requires a lot of supportive care and can be very taxing for a working adult.
We estimated that a rabbit requires 80 hours a month and can cost $35,000 throughout its lifespan! If you do buy a rabbit as a gift for a friend, that’s like asking them to fork out those time and money without their permission! And not to imagine a child or a busy parent who will be caught by surprise. Most of our surrender cases are a result of such irresponsible ‘gifting’. We hope no one will cause such harm to any being during this holiday season!