We are utterly disgusted and frustrated with the recent hike in abandonment cases. Of all places, their cruel owners chose to dump them in the dense forest where no one can find them. What the hell are they thinking? Do they really believe they will build a burrow, survive on flowers and start a family?  Are they that dumb to believe in such fairy tale?
In Singapore, rabbits are 100% domesticated and they do not and should not belong in the wild. They are born into humans’ hands and rely on their humans to care for them. They have zero chance to survive in the wild and dumping them is sentencing them to early death. To those owners who have dumped their pets in such environment, they are not only irresponsible. But downright cold-blooded.
We are ashamed that some humans has resort to such cruel measures to ‘rid’ of their responsibilities. We are also embarrassed that our government takes no strict measure to prevent such occurrence. BW can’t be doing this forever. To truly improve the welfare of our animals, we need everyone to stand up with us. Talk to your family, talk to your friends. Speak up for the animals and be their voice. We need to do this together.