That infamous grumpy face on our rabbits are priceless to any bunny lover. While they cannot talk, our rabbits are fully capable of communicating their feelings through their facial expressions and body language. Especially if you have a close bond with your rabbit, you can actually understand what they are saying and find them rather fascinating!

Here’s some common behaviors which can help you to understand your rabbits better:

BINKY: A happy rabbit will jump into mid air and do a twist to show his joy!

BOXING: A fearful rabbit may stand on his hinds and throw punches to defend himself. Please back off!

CHEWING: A rabbit with itchy teeth will chew any and everything to keep his teeth trimmed. Do give more hay or safe chewing toys to keep him away from your valuables!

CHINNING: A bossy rabbit will rub their scent glands under their chin on things they like to claim ‘it’s mine!’.

CIRCLING: A happy rabbit will circle their human’s feet or another rabbit as a way to get attention.

DIGGING: As if burrowing a tunnel, this is his natural behaviour as with his wild ancestors. Give him a cardboard box and watch him go for it!

EAR TWITCHING: An alert rabbit will twitch both ears forward to check his environment. A curious rabbit will twitch one ear forward and another back to listen but also think of something else. A scared rabbit will position both ears flat against his head. If accompanied by an erected tail and tensed body, he is preparing to attack so back off!

FLOPPING: A relax rabbit will literally throw himself on his side to nap.

GRUNTING: An angry rabbit may vocalize their displeasure if you/another rabbit invades their territory.

LICKING: An affectionate rabbit will lick you or your properties to show his love.

LOAFING: A relax rabbit will tuck his front and back paws under his body to rest. However, if his body is tense and his ears are down (i.e. Bunny Brick), he might be in pain and requires medical attention.

MARKING: An insecure rabbit may mark his space with poo or pee to warn others. This is most common for unsterilized or bonding rabbits.

MOUNTING: A domineering rabbit will hump another rabbit from the top to show his supremacy.

NIPPING: An attention-seeking rabbit will gently pinch your skin with their lips to ask for pats and kisses.

NUDGING: A bored rabbit may bonk you with their nose to ask for your attention.

PERISCOPING: A curious rabbit might stand on his hinds to check his environment.

RUMMAGING: A hardworking rabbit may push, bite or dig into his rugs, pillows and towels to ‘renovate’ his own space.

SQUEALING: A rabbit in extreme pain or fear may shriek or even scream. It will require medical attention.

THUMPING: A worried rabbit might thump their feet to warn others of danger.

TOOTH CHATTERING: A content rabit may gently buzz their teeth especially during a massage session.

TOOTH GRINDING: A rabbit in pain may grind their teeth in a rather sharp and loud manner. It will require medical attention.

ZOOMING: A happy rabbit will zoom in circles around their house (i.e. Bunny 500) to show his joy!

Our rabbit’s behaviours are often mis-intepreted as being naughty or unfriendly. However, if you take the time to get to know them and react accordingly, you will realize that they are communicating and their interaction can be very mutual. We hope all rabbit owners are patient in caring for these quiet yet intelligent pets to ensure a fulfilling experience.