Absolutely! Rabbits are naturally sociable and love to have companions of their own. When they accept a friend, they will bond for life. Rabbits with friends are generally healthier and happier. Especially in times of sickness, a sick rabbit will feel motivated to eat some food or do some exercise just because he sees a friend doing the same. You will find your rabbit more adventurous, curious and playful when he has a friend to play with!
However, due to their prey nature, rabbits will protect themselves and their territories and will not accept a new friend immediately. They require a gradual ‘bonding process’ to develop acceptance. Owners need to be prepared in terms of space to keep them separated as well as time to work on their bond. It can take days to weeks or even months for the rabbits to ‘work things out’. Once they establish their hierarchies, the rabbits will build trusting and loving relationship that is bound to last forever.
If you are an owner to a rabbit and will like to find a friend for it, we can definitely help you! Our volunteers are experienced in matching rabbits and introducing them in a safe and professional manner. We will guide you on what to expect as well as recommend the best way to bond the rabbits in your own homes. We do ask owners to keep their mind open and let their rabbit pick a friend they like. This freedom to choose their own soul mates will definitely make your rabbit very happy!