“My rabbit is unsterilized but I hope to get him a friend. What should I do?”

Rabbits are sociable by nature so they will definitely appreciate a companion. However, it is important that we prepare the rabbit as well as ourselves for this introduction.

An important prerequisite is to ensure the rabbits are sterilized. An unsterilized i.e. intact rabbit is hormonal and all they have in their mind is breeding. Even if the other is a sterilized rabbit, the intact rabbit will just want to breed and the mounting and chasing will stress the hell out of the other. This will make bonding very challenging. It is not impossible but definitely takes a very mild-mannered rabbit to accept the intact rabbit.

Instead of rushing to find him a friend, we will strongly recommend that you prepare your rabbit for a lasting friendship. Bring him to a rabbit-savvy vet and discuss about sterilization. If he is a suitable candidate for the surgery, consider going for it which will make him healthier in the long run and also give him the chance to make true friends.

It does take at least 1 month for a newly sterilized rabbit to fully recover. You may see his personality change slightly but that is indeed his true personality. When he meets another bunny friend, he may still mount and chase but those will be ‘courting’ moves and will soon die down once the hierarchy is established.

For more information on sterilization, you can read our recommendation here:

For more information about bonding, you can read House Rabbit Society’s advice here:

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