Rabbits are gregarious by nature. What that means is they naturally live in groups and will seek companionship. If a rabbit is left on his own for too long, he can suffer from loneliness and may even develop depression. We understand that not everyone is ready to care for two rabbits. So today, we will like to share with you some of our thoughts about owning single vs. pair.
When there is no other rabbit to mingle with, a single rabbit will seek companionship in the humans in his house. So it is best if there is always someone in the home. Even the presence of another walking body will make him feels less lonely. We will also recommend that the rabbit be allow to roam around the house as often as possible, similar to that of a house cat or dog. You will be surprise that he will eventually follow you around the house, lying next to you and sleeping with you on the bed! As the primary caregiver, you will be the rabbit’s one and only friend. If you are able to form this tight bond with your rabbit, it is possible that your single rabbit will be happy to have you and just you alone in his life.
For most of us who may have a busy lifestyle, it can be quite impossible to spend sufficient time with your single rabbit. As such, having a pair of rabbits is actually a better idea. Bonded rabbits will eat together, play together and sleep together. They encourage each other to stay active and cheer each other up when they are unwell. This unique companionship can never be replicated between rabbit and human and that is why rabbits with friends tend to live happier and healthier. However, the downside of caring for a pair is the increase in responsibility. The financial commitment can easily double and what if one of the rabbits passed on? This may means a long term cycle of adopting a rabbit for a grieving partner and can be very stressful to deal with.
While we believe a committed animal lover will find ways to manage both cases, we hope our suggestions can help rabbit owner or prospective rabbit owners learn more about them and make good decisions for your pets.