Yesterday, we were pretty bummed by the surrender of Minky and Pipi (now named Mickey). However, we were heartened by the outpour of support we received from animal lovers who cherish their pets as families. We are especially touched by these heartfelt words written by our adopter Vera Koh about her darling Starry:

“ Starry,
because of you, we cannot make impromptu trips across the causeway
because of you, we are always the 1st to ask to leave a party
because of you, we wake up at 5am to clean shit
because of you, we lost a huge chunk of our living room space
because of you, there are holes in the rugs and even some of our clothes

because of you, we spend more quality time at home
because of you, we have the perfect reason to leave a party before we over indulge in good food
because of you, we sleep earlier which is healthier too
because of you, we are reminded of the importance of sharing
because of you, we have new rugs and clothes. “

Vera ended the post by reminding pet owners to think positive of their pets:

“ If we think they are a nuisance, then they are. If we choose to see their beauty, they will shine. It has always been our choice, not theirs. Don’t punish them for the decision we made. #petsarefamily.”

Thank you Vera for the lovely post and thank you for being such a dedicated mama to our special girl Starry. It’s genuine animal lovers like you that make it possible for rescuers like us to keep going. Thank you.