The sun had been scotching hot in Sunny Singapore! This is especially dangerous for our rabbits who are always wearing a thick fur coat and don’t tolerate heat well. They can suffer from overheating which can trigger as well as aggravate existing health issues and can be very fatal!

Here are some signs that your rabbit is affected by the hot weather:

1. Lack of appetite – this could be due to discomfort from the heat or GI discomfort caused by ingestion of excessive shedding of fur.

2. Slow Movement – unusually slow or laziness can be signs of a rabbit suffering from heat discomfort!

3. Panting – if your rabbit shows difficulty in breathing, he may need to be cooled down.

4. Salivating – if your rabbit has drool on his chin (and doesn’t have dental issues), he is showing sign of dehydration!

5. Redness in the ears – the ears turn red to cool the body temperature down. Help him to cool down by spritzing some water on it!

6. Strong smelling urine – this happens to concentrated pee that is usually darker in color and smaller in quantity.

7. Tiny and hard stools – if he is producing such stools, it means he is not drinking enough water!

There are many things you can do to prevent dehydration in rabbits. This includes:

– Housing them in a cooler part of the house
– Keeping a fan on to keep the space ventilated
– Providing a cooling surface such as a ceramic tile or metal plate
– Providing a cardboard hideout to create shelters
– Adding ice cubes to their water bowl
– Grooming then more often to remove loose fur
– Trimming down their coat to air their skin
– Providing a frozen bottle wrapped in towel
– Providing more water bowls around the house.

?If your rabbit appears lethargic or is panting heavily, it may have a heat stroke. Wrap him in a damn cloth and bring him to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The treatment he requires include subcutaneous hydration which not everyone can do in your own home. A heat stroke is a fatal issue and should not be taken lightly.

We hope with the above information, all bunnies can stay cool and healthy!