Essie, Eevee, Elmo and Vinny did very well at Vet Central and have woken up from their sterilization surgeries. We understand many rabbit owners are worried about the risks involved in the procedure. Today, we will like to share some tips to help make it safer for your precious rabbits.
1) Pick the right vet for the sterilization
Most vets are well-trained in cats and dogs but not in rabbits. Do look for a vet with savvy knowledge and have proven experience with sterilizations on rabbits.
2) Ensure your rabbit is ready for the surgery
We recommend a full body check and blood test prior to the surgery. This helps to ensure the rabbit is of the suitable age, weight and his vital organs such as liver and kidney can withstand the general anesthesia.
3) Be well-prepared for the after care
Males tend to bounce back within 24 hours but females may require 48 hours or more to start eating. You may have to feed medications and recovery food to help them stay comfortable. If you are unable to do so, we recommend hospitalization until the condition is stable. It does takes time for the rabbits to return to normal behavior so we will recommend owners to plan to be home as much as possible during recovery. 
We hope with this information, you can make an educated decision for your rabbit. Bunny Wonderland is a huge advocate for sterilization. It is indeed the single most important decision you can make to drastically improve the health of your companion rabbit. For our complete guide on sterilization, please check out our website: