In the past weeks, we received several emails from owners screaming for help because their rabbits gave birth. They were all inexperienced with breeding rabbits so when the mother refused to nurse, stomp on the babies or chew their ears off while moving them, the owners were dumbfounded. In the end, many of the babies did not survive.

At Bunny Wonderland, we see rabbits suffered and died because of the owner’s ignorance to sterilization. Our hearts break when we are too late to help but at the same time, we don’t understand why owners knowingly compromised innocent lives. Their negligence has resulted in unnecessary pain and suffering to their small bodies.

So once again, we had to replay our usual message for those who don’t hear us loud enough. Please be a responsible rabbit owner and sterilize your rabbits. It does not mean taking away the ‘manhood’ or ‘rights’ to procreate. It means saving and preventing unnecessary suffering!

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