Yesterday, we shared about the adoption of Nougat. For 5 years of his life, he was passed from owner to owner and never had a home that loves him. The first photo was taken by his previous owner. His eyes said it all: sadness, neglect, unloved.
When we knew about it, we felt this cycle has to stop. He was already a senior boy and should not be passed around like a ball. We took him into the wonderland. Just weeks with us and you could see so much change in him. Through his eyes, he was hopeful, full of anticipation, and excited with what’s ahead of him.
Nougat did very well under our care and soon, he was sterilized and ready for adoption.  He has such a sweet personality that we are sure he will find a home that truly deserves him. And he really did! In his first adoption drive, he met Michelle and Jun Keat who adored him. He is now in their loving home and you can see how content and relax he is through his eyes.
Adopting an animal is much more than getting a pet. To be able to help Nougat from feeling unloved to excited and now, content, is what we strive to do for all our rescued rabbits. As an animal lover, to be part of this transformation is not only enriching but life-changing. We hope more people see the benefits of adoption and advocate for it. It is not just a good thing to do. It is the right thing to do.