A look at Coffee and MilkMilk you can tell that they are BFFs! The 2 girls are not related and yet found love and respect to co-exist harmoniously. They are about 12 years old and we are sure their longevity stems from their support from each other. When Coffee is scared, MilkMilk will run over to protect her. And when MilkMilk is not feeling well, Coffee will groom her all over to perk her up.
There is no magic formula to create the perfect match. While age, sex and size do play a role, their personalities have to be most compatible in order to build lasting bonds. We suggest all owners to keep an open mind and let their rabbit find their own friends. It’s only through interaction and observation, that we can see how fitting the rabbits are for each other.
It is a known fact that bunnies are sociable animals who enjoy companionship from their own kind. However, due to their prey nature, they are careful and will not accept a new friend immediately. A healthy and sterilized rabbit will be most ready to make friends and their owners have to be patient to see them through. It is obvious to us that bunnies with friends, do make the happiest bunnies on earth!