If our bunnies can speak, their favorite words will either be ‘treats’ or ‘more treats’! Our bunnies have a horribly sweet tooth and they will never say no to treats. So rabbits owners have to know what treats are good for them and how much to give. If it’s up to our rabbits, they will never stop eating them which can lead to health issues. Here are some of our suggestions of healthy treats to pamper your rabbits with.
Fruits & Veges
Crunchy fruits like apples and pears are full of fiber and water which are excellent for rabbits. Banana and berries smells heavenly while fresh veges like carrots and bell peppers are rich in vitamins. However, fresh fruits and vegetables are generally high in sugar so do limit to one type a day and no more than an inch each time.
Herbs like coriander, parsley and mint are quite easy to find in our supermarkets. Adding 1-2 stalks with their leafy greens will definitely spice up their meals. We also like to sprinkle dried herbs such as dandelion and plantain over their hay to keep hay munching fun.
Baked Cookies
We enjoy baking hay-based cookies for our rabbits. Use pellets or hay dust as a base, mix in some rolled oats, fruit purée or juices, your rabbits will definitely fall in love with these healthy home-baked treats! 
Fancy treats such as yogurt drops and milk cookies can cause diarrhea to our lactose-intolerant rabbits. Muesli made of corns, peas, seeds and cereal can cause indigestion leading to GI stasis. Before buying any treat, make sure you refrain from those with added sugar, artificial flavoring or coloring.
Always remember that we give treats to our rabbits because we love them and we want them to be happy. The last thing we want is to give a ‘fun’ treat that can cause them to be in pain. As rabbit owners, we have to be aware and informed to ensure the wellbeing of our rabbits.
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