Hello everyone! My name is TipToe and I once was living outdoor in a very dirty cage. I was always hungry and will even munch on newspapers to fill my tummy. Thanks to a kind lady, I am now the darling of my forever home. I never thought I will have a chance to enjoy unlimited food and love, but I did. Thanks to my mama who chose to adopt me instead of buying a baby rabbit from a petshop.

I maybe just a bunny but I know the choice to adopt is a very important one. I remembered seeing more than 30 rabbits living with my foster mama. She works hard to make sure we are well cared for. However, I can always see sadness in her eyes when some rabbits need help but she cannot bring them home. I realized that if people don’t adopt me, she will not be able to help more rabbits.

Despite her challenges, foster mama did a great job nursing me back to health. She also sterilized me which was very uncomfortable but it made me happier and healthier. I overheard some families saying that rescued rabbits are ‘broken’ or ‘unwanted’. On the contrary, I find myself very adorable and lovable. In fact, I felt healthier and more energetic than many petshop rabbits!

Thinking back, I really wish my first family chose to adopt. If they did, foster mama and her friends will guide them to take better care of me. They would have learned about sterilization, proper diet, litter-training and veterinary care. They would have been more aware of my needs and not cause harm to me. I am also sure they would have enjoyed my companionship a lot more and not give me away.

To all who love animals. I hope you can give a rescued animal like me a chance to be loved again. We are not old or sick. We are not broken or used. We are very well cared for and we will be your best friend if you are ready to love us forever. Our foster parents will also do their best to protect us and find the right family to care for us. Because the last thing they want, is to make us feel unloved again.