‘I want to adopt but I can’t wait for your adoption drive. So I’m going to the petshop to buy a rabbit now!’


We were definitely upset when we heard this from a parent who promised a rabbit to her child on her birthday. While we understand everyone has their rights to choose, we can only say they don’t think of adoption the same way we do.

When one chooses to adopt, we assume they want to lend a hand to an animal who was once abandoned and neglected. We thought they realized the cruelty of commercial breeding and want to change the world with their act of selflessness and unconditional love.

However, that’s not always the case. We have met people who see adoption as a cheaper way to get a pet. Some asked to skip the adoption process and demand a rabbit to be delivered the next day, while others threatened to buy if we don’t approve their adoption.

While we don’t know how other welfare groups handle them, our team would not budge at such unreasonable requests. Our adoption process is in place to protect the animals and its applied fairly to every applicant. We hope that all who writes in to adopt our animals will respect our process.

Thank you so much.