Going to the veterinary clinic can be an intimidating experience for some owners, especially if it’s their first time with their pet rabbit. It’s important that owners are well-prepared to ensure an efficient and stress-free experience. Today, we hope to share some tips to make the visit as smooth and productive as possible:


1. If this is for a non-emergency situation such as a routine check, make an appointment with your preferred vet in advance to minimize waiting time.

2. If there is a health concern, explain to the receptionist and ask if there is anything you can do earlier such as collecting urine or stool samples.

3. Touch and handle your rabbit regularly so it can be easier on them when being examined by the vet. It’s not easy for anyone to examine a wiggly fella!

4. Write down questions you have for the vet and be precise in the symptoms (appetite loss, location of any abnormality etc). Else, you risk forgetting it!

5. Obtain medical history from past caregiver/s to facilitate first-time visit. Often, these records can only be transferred between clinics so do plan ahead!


1. Plan enough time to get your rabbit into the carrier and make your way to the clinic. Most clinics are filled with appointments so be understanding!

2. Arrive at least 15 mins earlier to give time for your rabbit to relax. This can help to normalize their body condition before any diagnosis.

3. Always keep your rabbit in a sturdy carrier to prevent any accident. Your rabbit may not enjoy being exposed to a predatory dog nearby.

4. Be attentive to what the vet does and say during the examination as every min is important. This is definitely not the time to play with your phone!

5. If your rabbit is prescribed any medication, don’t be shy to ask the vet and/or nurse to show you how to administer if this is your first time.

6. Also, don’t be shy to take notes, photos and/or videos to remind yourself about the examination. Most vets are quite receptive to being recorded.

7. Be mindful that your anxiety can negatively affect your rabbit too. No matter the situation, stay as calm as possible to help your little one out.

8. If your rabbit requires an expensive treatment plan and it is financially straining, ask the vet for alternatives or installment plan to help sustain.


1. If you have to return for a review, schedule your next visit before leaving the clinic. This will make sure you don’t forget and delay your followup.

2. If medication is needed, do go through the instructions and administer promptly. If you are confused, call the clinic to ask for clarification.

3. If your rabbit is not responding to the treatment as they should, call the vet to discuss. He/she maybe able to propose alternatives.

4. Upon returning home from a vet visit, relax and give yourself a break! Your rabbit has a hard day too so give him a treat for being such a brave one!

Albeit a long post, we hope these tips can help owners be more prepared for their vet visits. Our vets are here to help but they are not mind readers or miracle healers. We know our pets the best and it’s our duty to engage them effectively. For more information about vet care for our rabbits, click here: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/vet-recommendation/.