We interact with pet owners on a regular basis and have met many who lost their beloved pets. It is a really difficult time and often, we hug with them and cry our hearts out. Losing a pet is such a painful and emotional ordeal. No one can understand it unless they have loved their pets as much as us. It literally felt like a stab in the heart.

It is never easy to overcome the emotional pain of losing a pet. However, we are extremely inspired by many who taught us how to be stronger. These big-hearted animal lovers will come to us shortly after the passing of their furries asking to adopt another. They told us that they hope to give another unloved animal a loving home, as this is what their furries would have wanted from them.

Meeting adopters like them truly reminded us the good in mankind. It is not about loving their late pets any lesser. It is about growing a bigger heart and learning to love unconditionally, especially when you know there are so many animals waiting for a home. We hope all animal lovers will open their heart to allow love in. For when love enters, miracle will happen. We are still learning too.