‘ I don’t know which rabbit breed to choose. Any recommendation?’
There are many aspects to consider when choosing a suitable rabbit and one obvious one is the breed. From dwarfs to lionheads to minilop, the knowledge of their characteristics can vary drastically based on everyone’s perspective. So here’s our recommendations based on our experience in caring for rabbits.
While size is important, it doesn’t mean a smaller rabbit requires lesser space than a bigger one. For example, Netherland Dwarf (ND) is a very energetic breed and requires a lot of simulation, else can turn destructive. On the other hand, minilops are generally milder and easier to tame. Regardless of size, daily roaming for at least 2-3 hours is important to keep all breeds healthy and Happy.
The breed also pre-determines some health ailments due to their build. Dwarf breeds with their bulgy eyes and rounded head tend are prone to eye injuries and dental diseases. Lop breeds with their droopy ears are more susceptible to ear infections. ND and lops with their flattened nose can also give rise to respiratory issues. Long-fur breed like the lionheads and angora require regular grooming to prevent skin disorders and Gastrointestinal complications (if furball are ingested).
If this is your first time caring for a rabbit, choosing the right breed is an important first step to meet your capacity to upkeep. Subsequently, finding the right age, personality and health will ensure a compatible rabbit with your family. We recommend that you work with an honest rescue group to provide all the necessary details for you to make a decision. Their experienced team of volunteers will definitely guide you to find one that is most suitable.
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