For Jackie to care for more than 50 rabbits in the wonderland, it seems like the medical situations she faces with never ends. Since Vella’s dental surgery, Winky is now sick and may require a major surgery. It’s really quite impossible for a rescuer to take a break, isn’t it?
Winky was rescued in April 2015. Back then, he was healthy despite an old and untreated fracture on his hip. The vet recommended that since he is active and not showing any sign of pain, the injury may not require treatment. He had been doing well for the past year but last week, Jackie noticed he was having difficulties in moving. She rushed him to our trusted vet who confirmed that the old fracture is causing some pain. She was referred to Dr Patrick McGuire of Mount Pleasant for a 2nd opinion.
Dr McGuire diagnosed that the fractured site may have some inflammation and is causing discomfort. He prescribed anti-inflammatory and instructed we restrict his movement. If there is improvement, then Winky’s condition is under control. If the pain persists, he will recommend a Femoral Head Ostectomy which is an invasive surgery to trim away part of his femur head that is rubbing against his joint and causing the pain. This surgery is estimated at $2500-3000 and the success is not guaranteed.
As rescuers, doing our best to help a sick rabbit is our responsibility. As with most surgeries, Jackie pays for them out of her own income from her 9-to-5 job. With the recent increase in medical demand, the volunteers will also chip in and help to raise funds. We know we can’t help every rabbit, but we will do our best within our capacity. Our focus remains on our rescued rabbits and we hope everyone can continue to support them. Let’s send some healing vibes to Winky and wish him a smooth recovery!