We love this comic by Lalalychee that accurately illustrates the perfect living space for a pet rabbit! Rabbits are not meant to live in cages nor are they supposed to live outdoor. They are meant to live together with you in your warm, cozy home. Here’s why:

– Rabbits are naturally clean and odorless to protect them from predators. This makes them perfect even for the most OCD folks! It’s important that you sterilize them so they no longer have the territorial instinct which gives them the urge to mark.

– Rabbits are very habitual animals who thrives on routines. If you train them well to use a litterbox, they will always go back to it to do their business. This will make cleaning up a breeze!

– Rabbits are intelligent creatures who can be discipline. It’s most important that you supervise their exploration and give them a stern ‘No’ if they are doing something wrong. A firm owner can definitely cultivate a well-behaved rabbit!

– Rabbits are high energy creatures so if you give them space to roam, you will see zooming in circle or even binkying in the air! These are very joyful sights and will certainly entertain both the rabbits and humans in the household!

– Rabbits are extremely sociable though they are also very nervous due to their prey instinct. If you allow them the freedom to come close to you, they will learn to trust more and will eventually bond closer with you and your family.

We would like to think that people get a pet for companionship. There’s definitely no fun in getting a rabbit and locking it up in a cage or worse, keep it outside their home. To ensure a satisfying pet experience, we hope all owners will opt for a cage-free housing and let their rabbit be integrated as part of the family.

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(Photo credit to Lalalychee)