If rabbits can talk, we are sure those living along the corridor are screaming at the top of their lungs for people to notice them. They desperately need help but their owners still refuse to keep them safe indoor. As a result, many of them are severely neglected.

For every 5 rabbits we rescued, 1 was living in the corridor. This goes to show how unloved the rabbits are once they are moved outside of the house. Despite the RHDV-2 outbreak, their owners still do not care enough to move them into their own home.

If you are placing your pets outside the house, please move them indoor. If you know someone who is, please pick up the courage to talk them into protecting their pets. Be friendly and try to convey these points as politely as you could:

1. It is extremely dangerous to house their pets outdoor. Anyone can steal them away and make them dinner.

2. Rabbits are very timid and loud children or thunderstorm can literally scare them to death.

3. Rabbits living outdoor can catch parasites from community strays. We have ever had a case where a rabbit ‘itch to death’!

4. Rabbits do not smell and they are not dirty if well kept. You can improve their care with proper sterilization and a good litterbox.

5. Rabbits do not take up space as they don’t need a cage and can be trained to live like a free-roaming cat or dog.

If you are shy to talk to the owners, print a copy of our ‘Bunny Watcher’ brochure (goo.gl/8GtP1s for English, bit.ly/2Y1T07Q for Chinese) and leave at their door. If you don’t have a printer, just write on a piece of paper to email bunnywonderlandsg@gmail.com if they need help with the rabbit.

Alternatively, you can engage AVS or SPCA who has professionally-trained animal rescue officers to talk to the owners.Here’s their contact information:

AVS: 1800-476-1600, https://www.nparks.gov.sg/avs/avs-feedback-form

SPCA: 6287 5355 ext 9, https://spca.org.sg/cruelty-welfare/

While it is not illegal to keep rabbits in the corridor, the cages are considered obstruction and can seriously hamper fire fighting efforts by SCDF. Please help your community and lend a voice to these poor rabbits. Let’s do our part to talk some sense to their owners. Thank you so much.