Today, Suri, Scottie and YenYen were at Vet Affinity to receive their Filavac vaccination. All 3 rabbits are senior and Suri and Scottie also have dental and respiratory disorders. Knowing that Filavac is a widely-used vaccine with low health risks, we made a decision with their foster parents to vaccinate them.

RHD is an extremely contagious and fatal disease. Statistically, if 10 rabbits are exposed, only 1 will survive and the reason will likely be unknown. In Singapore, the source of RHD is still uncertain. In short, RHD has no cure and it is impossible for us to prevent exposure in the world we live in.

For owners who are concerned about the side effects, we are happy to inform that the ~10 BW rabbits who has received the vaccine recently are doing great. Some might not be happy with the jab but so far, all of them returned to their normal behavior within hours with no fever or soreness.

For owners who are unsure if their rabbits are healthy for the vaccine, we are happy to inform that most clinics will offer a physical examination prior to the vaccination. The pricing is reasonable and will put owners mind at ease to ensure the rabbit remain healthy before and after the vaccination.

For owners who are paranoid about entering clinics for fear of exposure, we are also happy to inform that most clinics have heightened their disinfecting protocol against RHD. Some are also offering curb side service but do inform the clinic in advance so they can make the necessary arrangement.

The veterinarians are doing their very best to ensure all rabbits are protected from RHD. This is a deadly disease with a painful death and no rabbit, their owner and their vet should experience it. We hope that all owners will be responsible in protecting them. Vaccinate your rabbit against RHD today!