• Grey Chinchilla Lop Mix
  • Female, Born 2012
  • Unsterilized but Litter-Trained
In 2014, we rescued sweet Bella from a breeding farm. She was a lovely Grey Chinchilla Lop but was sadly abused for commercial gain. When her owner decided to wind up the business, he threatened to euthanize her and 81 other breeding stock. Bella’s condition was one of the worst of the lot. She was found with a very severe head tilt and could bearly moved.Bella is estimated to be born in 2012 and could be 6 this year. Since she came to the wonderland, we did our best to treat her. However her condition became chronic and we had resorted to managing her infections. Throughout the past 4 years, Bella never gave up. She had been such an inspiration and her strength reminded us that life may not be perfect, but we can make it beautiful.

Bella’s head tilt makes mobility difficult and her down eye is also prone to infection. She requires regular eye drops but otherwise there’s not much more we can do for her. We hope to find an experienced family to care for Bella and shower her with more love and time than we can provide. We understand her condition can be challenging to handle and we are open to discuss fostering option where we continue to sponsor her medical care in the long run.

If you will like to care for Bella with us, please review our Adoption Process (, fill in the request form and we will contact you shortly. To see more of our adoptables, please visit our Adoption Gallery ( Thank you for supporting adoption!