• Tricolor Mix / Brown Dutch Mix
  • Female / Male, estimated born Feb 2016
  • Sterilized & Litter Trained

Lapras & Brownie were originally rescued from East Coast Park back in September 2016. Their cruel owner dumped them in the forested area and left them to fend for themselves. It took us 2 days to capture Brownie and 5 days to get to Lapras. They were found to be malnourished and were very stressed by the ordeal. They recovered very well under our care and were adopted in March 2017. Unfortunately, the family developed allergies towards the pair and decided to return them to us.

Lapras and Brownie were very upset to lose their home but they lean on each other through tough times. They are likely siblings and inseparable. They are also very well litter-trained, playful yet not overly active. They enjoy snuggling up to each other and loves to play with toys. They are still rather shy to humans and will take time to warm up.

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