• Seal Point Grey
  • Female & Male, Born Dec 2014
  • Sterilized and litter trained

Suri & Scottie were rescued back in December 2014. Their mother, Snow White, was given to a cat owner by a provision shop owner who was breeding her. The adopter had the shock of her life when Snow White gave birth to 7 babie and decided to surrender the family to us. Thankfully, the babies grew very healthily and were soon ready for sterilization. Scottie and Suri were amongst the first to be sterilized and were soon ready for adoption.

Back in December 2015, the friendly pair was adopted by a couple but after a few months, they asked to return them, citing allergies from the elderly in-laws. They were soon adopted by a family with 2 children. But to our dismay, after Suri was found with dental issues, the family cited overwhelming responsibility and had to give them up. We were very upset with both cases but we were much more worried about this pair’s wellbeing. We immediately brought them back to the wonderland to nurse them back to health.

Scottie and Suri are the sweetest bunnies around but they were unfortunately plagued with genetically poor dental. Scottie had been through 1 surgery and Suri had been through 2. Most of their infected teeth had been removed but they will require regular vet follow up in the future to keep them healthy. We truly hope that Suri and Scottie can be adopted to a loving home where they can be genuinely loved and treasured, despite their poor dental history.

If you are interested in meeting them, please review our Adoption Process (, fill in the request form and we will contact you shortly. To see more of our adoptables, please visit our Adoption Gallery ( Thank you for supporting adoption!

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