• New Zealand White
  • Male/Female, Born 2012
  • Sterilized and Litter Trained

Winky and Willow is a beautiful pair of New Zealand White estimated to be born in Dec 2012. Their family kept them outside their house and unfortunately their harmless playtime turned into breeding sessions. The family sold the babies to the pet shops but the most recent batch was tragically eaten by a neighbour’s cat.

Ever since they came into the wonderland, the pair had went through a few health issues. Willow had been through 2 dental and 1 ear surgeries while Winky does have a dislocated hip which had healed on its own. We hope to find an experienced family to care for the pair and shower more love and attention than we can. We understand their conditions can be challenging to handle and we are open to discuss fostering option where we continue to sponsor their medical care in the long run.

If you will like to meet Winky & Willow, please review our Adoption Process (, fill in the request form and we will contact you shortly. To see more of our adoptables, please visit our Adoption Gallery ( Thank you for supporting adoption!