We have a few well-recognized resources that aims to support animal welfare. We will like to share about them and their contact information so people are aware what are their roles and responsibilities and can engage them appropriately.

Animal & Veterinary Service (formerly AVA) (24 hours hotline: 1800-476-1600)
Primary authority dealing with animal welfare concerns.

Police (24 hours hotline: 999)
Under the Penal Code, the police can charge a person who intentionally caused extreme harm to an animal resulting in serious injury or death. The offender can be punished by law as long as there is sufficient evidence to prove him/her guilty.

SPCA (24 hours hotline: 6287-5355 ext 9)
A registered charity focus on preventing cruelty to animals and birds.

ACRES (24 hours hotline: 9783-7782)
A registered charity focus on wildlife issues.
Email at acrescrime@gmail.com.

Animal laws in Singapore can be found at: Singapore Statutes Online
Animal & Birds Act (CAP 7 Sec 41-43)
Penal Code (CAP 223 Sec 428)