In line with our motto, Bunny Wonderland aims to ensure all rabbits are responsibly cared for and not left behind. The Rabbit Care Guide is compiled to not only prepare prospective owners for the commitment towards their future rabbits, but also to assist existing owners in receiving accurate information to support their care.

We hope to inform that a pet rabbit:

Can live up to 10 years and is a long-term responsibility.
Requires time and financial commitment to sustain its care.
Is fragile and requires adult care.
Requires a spacious playpen and should never be caged.
Can be litter-trained and requires regular cleaning.
Requires a balanced diet of predominantly hay.
Needs to be regularly groomed.
Can fall ill and requires veterinary care.
Should be sterilized to prevent reproductive cancers.


The above list maybe long but we hope to highlight that a rabbit is a sensitive and high-maintenance pet. Their caregiving should not be taken lightly and they should not be treated as ‘starter pets’ for children.