A pet rabbit is a long-term commitment and requires a responsible owner with realistic expectations of their caregiving. Are you ready to commit?

A pet rabbit can live up to 10 years and require dedicated care throughout its lifespan.
A pet rabbit is intellectual and sensitive. They should be loved and welcomed by every member of the family to feel safe and happy.
A pet rabbit requires daily exercise and even when you are not home, should be given a spacious enclosure no less than 1m x 1m.
A pet rabbit sheds regularly and requires daily brushing as well as monthly grooming to stay neat and tidy.
A pet rabbit maintains their prey instinct do require a calm and peaceful environment to thrive.
A pet rabbit requires daily monitoring and in the event you are away from home for over a day, should be cared for by an experienced caregiver.
A pet rabbit falls sick and requires a savvy veterinarian who is experienced with rabbits to care for them.
A pet rabbit is a loyal companion and will shower you with unconditional love. Please do not give them up easily. They are family.

To a true rabbit owner, a pet rabbit is more than a pet. They are the forever child of the family who requires ample love and time. For only when you are committed to them, they will never be left behind.