As a rabbit owner, you should also have a realistic expectation of the financial care required for a pet rabbit. In addition to buying food and toys, they do require professional services such as grooming, boarding and veterinary care. You should consider these expenses based on your lifestyle and discuss with your family to ensure everyone is supportive in times of need.

Here’s a typical list of expenses that owners will make on a regular basis:

Initial Setup Cost – $450 and above for 1 rabbit

*By choosing to adopt from Bunny Wonderland, the cost of rabbit is reduced to a $50 adoption fee and your rabbit will be sterilized before adoption.

Cost of Rabbit* $50 and above
Sterilization* $200 and above
Housing Setup
– Playpen or cage
– Floor Mats
– Bunny-proofing
$100 and above
– Bowls
– Litterbox
– Grooming kit
– Traveling Carrier
$100 and above
Total = $450 and above

*BW rescues are sterilized and requires $50 adoption fee. This amount can vary extensively if the rabbit is unsterilized and purchased from pet shops.

Monthly Cost – Estimated $250 per month for 1 rabbit

Food Purchase (Hay, Vegetables & Pellets) $160
Cleaning Supplies (litter, cleaner, trashbags) $40
Professional Grooming Care $50
Total = $250


Additional Annual Cost – Estimated $600 per year for 1 rabbit

Vet Consultations (assuming twice per year) $300
Boarding (assuming 10 days per year) $150
Miscellaneous replacement of items $150
Total = $600