To help owners understand the medical expenses that a rabbit can incur, here’s some typical estimates based on our experience treating rabbits:

Common Diagnostic Procedures

Physical Examination $40
Parasite/Bacterial Test (Fecal, Urine, Skin) $30
Simple Panel Blood Test $50
Comprehensive Blood Test $150
E-Cuniculi Diagnostic Test $200
Simple Scans (X-ray, Ultrasound) $100 and above
Comprehensive Scans (MRI, CT Scan) $1000 and above

Non-Surgical Treatments

Common Infections (Eye, Skin, Ear, Nose, etc) $100 per visit
Minor Trauma (Skin, Nails, etc) $100 per visit
Parasitic Infections $150 per visit
Liver or Kidney Deficiency $150 per visit
Gastrointestinal Discomfort $200 per visit
Abscess Treatment $250 per visit

Surgical Treatment (does not include diagnostic leading to treatment)

Dental Trimming/Extraction $300 and above
Gastrointestinal Stasis $500 and above
Abscess or Tumor Removal $1000 and above
Limb Surgery (amputation/restructure $2000 and above
Organ Failure (Liver, Organ, Eye, etc) $2500 and above
Vestibular Infections (Head Tilt, etc) $2500 and above
Spinal Disorders (incl. CT Scan) $4000 and above


These are estimated cost based on Singapore standards and may be higher depending on the rabbit’s condition and the chosen vet service provider. Owners should also understand that certain health conditions do do require regular vet visits.  It important to ensure they can sustain the long-term care. Otherwise, they will compromise their rabbit’s quality of life.

It is estimated that a typical rabbit owner will spend at least S$35,000 through the life span on their pet rabbit!