That’s Not All!

Like all living thing, rabbits can fall sick and will require medical treatment. Rabbits are considered ‘exotic’ pets and require specialised care by savvy vets.

Here’s a list of typical medical expenses a rabbit can have through its lifespan.

Simple Procedures

Vet Consultation $40
Common medication such as antibiotic, cream etc. $50
Blood Test $50
E-cuniculi Diagnostic Test $150
Fecal Analysis or Urinalysis $30
Diagnostic Analysis such as X-ray, ultrasound etc $200

Non-Surgical Treatment

Physical Injuries $150 x 3 visits
Eye or Ear Infection $150 x 3 visits
Dental Treatment $200 x 3 visits
Liver or Kidney Deficiency $200 x 3 visits
Gastrointestinal Discomfort $250 x 3 visits
Abscess Treatment $250 x 3 visits

Surgical Treatment

Dental Extraction $1000 + followup costs
GI Stasis leading to gas accumulation $1000 + followup costs
Abscess or abnormal growth removal $1500 + followup costs
Inner Ear Infection leading to head tilt $1500 + followup costs
Kidney Failure $2000 + followup costs
Limb Fracture $3000 + followup costs

These are estimated cost based on Singapore standards and may be higher depending on the rabbit’s condition. Certain health issues can have relapse of which visits could be every 4-8 weeks through its lifespan.

It is estimated that a typical rabbit owner will spend at least S$35,000 through the life span on their pet rabbit!