As a rabbit owner, you should have a realistic overview of the time commitment required by a rabbit. Caring for a rabbit is like taking care of a forever child. They require a lot of discipline, attention and ample love. It is important that you can discuss the time commitment with your loved ones, as well as consider your personal plans for the next 10 years to ensure you are well-prepared for the pet ownership.

Here’s a typical list of daily activities that rabbit owners do to ensure the basic requirement for their rabbits are met:

Daily activities (* means day & night) – Estimated 2.5 hours per day

Food preparation & Feeding (water, hay, vegetables)* 20 minutes (10 minutes x 2)
Playpen Cleaning* 20 minutes (10 minutes x 2)
Changing Litterbox 10 minutes
Grooming (simple brushing) 10 minutes
Bonding with rabbits 30 minutes
Supervised roaming for rabbits 60 minutes

Weekly activities – Estimated 2.7 hours per week

Thorough Cleaning of Playpen 60 minutes
Thorough Cleaning of Litterbox and bowls 20 minutes
Detailed grooming (especially for long-fur rabbits) 60 minutes
Body massage for detailed health check 20 minutes

The above is a typical estimate time based on 1 healthy rabbit. If the rabbit is sick and/or old and require special attention, the time required will be much longer than what we have estimated. We hope to remind you that as healthy as the adopted rabbit is on Day 1, stress as well as hidden illnesses are not uncommon and it is very likely that the rabbit will require medical care within hours of adoption. So please be prepared and do not assume that medical condition will not surface until years later.

It is estimated that a typical rabbit owner will spend at least 80 hours a month on their pet rabbit!