As an owner, you should have a realistic expectation of the time required to care for a pet rabbit. In addition to feeding & playing, they do require attention, discipline and maintenance. You should consider these activities based on your lifestyle and discuss with your family to ensure everyone is supportive.

Here’s a typical list of activities that owners do on a regular basis:

Daily Activities (* Day & Night) – Estimated 2.2 hours per day

Food preparation & Feeding* 20 minutes (10 minutes x 2)
Playpen Cleaning* 20 minutes (10 minutes x 2)
Litterbox Cleaning 10 minutes
Simple Grooming 20 minutes
Interaction & Roaming 60 minutes

Additional Weekly Activities – Estimated 2.3 hours per week

Thorough Playpen Cleaning 30 minutes
Thorough Litterbox Cleaning 30 minutes
Detailed Grooming 60 minutes
Detailed Body Check 20 minutes

The above is based on a healthy rabbit. If you have multiples or if the rabbit is sick/old, the time required will be much longer. It’s important for owners to be prepared and have sufficient time at hand to dedicate to their pet rabbits.

It is estimated that a typical rabbit owner will spend about 80 hours a month on their pet rabbit!