Rabbits require daily attention and cannot be left alone for more than 24 hours. It is not recommended to bring the rabbit for short trips so we recommend that you arrange for pet-sitting or boarding when you are away. The following are rabbit-savvy boarding services that we recommend for you to consider.

Boarding, Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi Service
Anderson Tan (98508827, facility boards dogs and rabbits)

Bunnify Boarding Service
Mabel Chan (8774 1766, www.bunnify.com)

Bunny On Board
Jasmine Ng (9878 4642, www.facebook.com/bunnyonboard8)

BYB Board Your Bunnies
Zenith Ng & Ingrid Wee (81290793 & 91795646, www.facebook.com/byb.boardyourbunnies)

Cottontail Inn
Patricia Andrea (88051791, whatsapp only, www.cottontailinn.wixsite.com/home)

Little Bobtail Resort
Jennifer Ng (98363140, www.facebook.com/LittleBobtailResort)

D.Fluff Lounge

Dawn Yeo (9633 3232 , www.dflufflounge.com)

My Happy Tales
Clarris Ang (92270051, www.facebook.com/MyHappyTale)