Rabbits are naturally timid so unless necessary, we do not bring them outdoor. Going out ‘just for fun’ can result in stress-induced disorders such as infections and GI stasis. In addition, public venues frequented by other animals may be unsanitary and can result in mites, ticks, fleas as well as parasitic infections.

If you have to bring your rabbit out, such as to a vet visit, do use a sturdy carrier. It should have adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, a secure carrying handle and enough space for the rabbit to sit up and lay down. It should not be made of flimsy materials such as cardboard or cloth and it should not be too big where the rabbit can slide around during transporting.

At the wonderland, we prefer to use plastic carriers which are light-weight and easy to clean. We also prefer top-open lids which is easier to carry the rabbits in and out of the carrier. We do line the bottom with a towel or potty pad and add a handful of hay for the rabbit to munch on. We do not include water bowls or water bottle as the rabbit can get wet which can create health issues.

Here are some examples of recommended carriers for transporting rabbits:

Left to Right: ‘Rio’ Basket (BW preferred), ‘Ferplast’ Carrier and ‘Marukan’ 2-Door Carrier

The safest transportation for a rabbit will be in an air-conditioned car. Taxis and private car services are generally understanding for rabbits contained in a carrier. You may also find pet transportation services in your neighbourhood.

In Singapore, it is an offense to bring pets onto shared public transportation such as buses and MRTs. In addition, these environments are noisy and crowded which can be very stressful for the animals.